Why is Mindfulness a Great Part of a Healthy Lifestyle?

Do you practice mindfulness technique? Congratulations! You care enough about your health! Practicing mindfulness helps tune both our overall health, including physical, mental, and social well being. Let’s take a closer look at the following reasons why mindfulness is a great part of a healthy lifestyle.

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It improves our physical health

Practicing mindfulness techniques can help improve your physical health in many ways. For example, science has found out that mindfulness relieves stress and depression; alleviates the symptoms and can even cure heart disease; lowers blood pressure, alleviates gastrointestinal problems; improves sleep; and reduces chronic pain, among others. A seminal study showed that eight weeks of mindfulness meditation training boosted the body’s immune system and increased its capability of fighting disease.

It fights chronic stress

A chronic stress is not just a simple annoyance or having a headache. It is a physical change in body that would over time become a life-threatening condition. In fact, the WHO (World Health Organization) has labelled stress as a 21st century epidemic and according to American Medical Association, 80% to 85% of doctor’s visits can all be traced back to stress.

Mindfulness increases tolerance for distress. Distress is an inevitable fact of life. However, ideally, each of us is bestowed with the mechanism to stand against this dilemma. Unluckily, there are some people who are easily carried away even by simple problems in life. For those who are weak in terms of anxiety and stress, you might have this problem. Learning how to break free from stress and make it a habit increases your resistance to distress.

It provides better focus and clarity

Everyone is always bombarded with lots of stress makers a day which could hold you back from becoming productive. With that being said, you are able to spare yourself from stress if you spend some time for mediation. It brings focus and clarity of mind in order for you to focus on the goals of your business. Focus and clarity are both products of peace and inner calm.

It allows better communication

Do take note that clear and effective communication between employees and managers is very crucial to the success of any business. Unluckily, it seems that all levels are on their bid for improvement. With this in mind, there would be better communication if there is clarity of mind and brain focus. This is possible when you have time for meditation.

It helps you define your values

Each of us has his values in life. What makes life more meaningful is when we spend our lives in accordance with these ideals in life. Not only will these values make us stick up to what is righteous but it can also give us peace of mind in every second of our lives. In the first place, that’s how life should be.

Whether you want to achieve a better physical health, a strong tolerance to stress, or sharp mind, practicing mindfulness goes a long way.

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