The Unblemished Truth about Artificial Sweeteners

Are you a certified soft drink drinker? Are you the kind of person who completes every meal by chasing it down with your favorite cola? If you just said ‘yes’ to either of those questions, there is no doubt — you are among those folks who are at high risk of experiencing the adverse effects of artificial sweeteners. And what are those effects you ask? Well read this article and hopefully I’ll answer that question.

You do not need to hear it directly from doctors to understand that artificially-sweetened foods and beverages expose you to countless health problems. Plus, dieting books don’t have to tell you that they are not good for your weight loss journey.  Now if you are still trying to make yourself believe that artificial sweeteners do nothing bad to your health, you better continue reading this article.

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Artificial sweeteners cause weight gain

One thing is very simple to understand – the more calories you intake, the more weight that you gain. This is very true especially if you don’t take the time to do some physical exercises. Heavily sweetened beverages generally contain huge amounts of ‘sucralose’, a type of sugar. Subsequently, this means that by drinking these soft drinks, you are taking huge amounts of calories into your body as well. This will eventually results to high increase in weight. Generally most overweight individuals have been found to be consumers of food and beverages that are artificially sweetened.

Artificial sweeteners cause obesity

Aside from lack of exercise and eating fatty foods, obesity is also largely attributed with intake of artificial sweeteners. ‘Junk foods’ and many other processed food items are often sweetened using artificial sweeteners (sometimes called ‘magic sugar’), which contain high amounts of Saccharin and Aspartame. Excessive intake of artificially sweetened foods will most likely result in obesity. You know that obesity will dramatically increase your risk for many illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, and more. Many studies revealed that most obese people are those that are fond of eating foods or drinking liquids that are high in sugar. A typical cola, for example, contains so much sugar, that is ten times higher than a typical cup of coffee you drink. A simpler illustration, if your cup of coffee is sweetened using 1 teaspoonful of ordinary sugar, your cola drink has 10 teaspoonful. The physical amount of artificial sweetener might be little as compared to ordinary sugar; however, its sucralose content is way higher than it.

Artificial sweeteners cause diabetes

Blindness, wounds that do not heal, and amputation of certain body parts – these are among the typical effects of diabetes. In case you do not know, diabetes is one of the most prevalent causes of death not only in the United States but also in many other different parts of the world. Unfortunately, this alarming mortality factor is a result of delectable foods and drinks filled with artificial sweeteners. Excessive amount of sugar in the body may also result to insulin sensitivity. When this happens, it will be very hard for a diabetic patient to be treated with daily shots of insulin.

So you are planning to quench your thirst with soft drinks again? Think about this revelation to rid your body from the negative effects of artificial sweeteners. In the end, they can lead to grief and loss.

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