Yoga Poses & their Overall Health Benefits

Stress is part of life but people are capable of coping with it in a positive way. Following the opposite path will only worsen the present situation. Aside from influencing the physical well-being, mental and emotional health will also be ruined by stress.

For such problem, yoga will act as your stress-reducer. Just like what a clinical research had stated, this kind of yoga can be an alternative to expensive medication. Improving the condition of the mind and body through yoga is just like a relaxing therapy. There is a guarantee that you will be treated even without spending too much. Here are yoga poses and their body and brain health benefits.

Wise Living Key Points

Cobra pose

You can start by lying down in your belly; put palms flat on floor and fingertips are in line with tops of the shoulder. Use strength of spine and legs then inhale and look up to ceiling and ensure that your arms are L shape at 90 degrees. Conduct for 80-20 breathing for about 20 seconds and lower chin to floor.

It helps to cure rheumatism, lumbago, menstrual problems, cramps, and backaches and cure loss of appetite.

Locust pose

This pose can be done by both legs to do this, protect your neck by tilting head down tuck in chin and keep your mouth in towel. Keep arms under body then lift up legs away from floor breathe and hold pose for ten seconds. Lower leg without collapsing and turn to one side.

It helps to cure spinal problems and nerve pain, firms hips, strengthen shoulders, fights stress and anxiety, boost circulation and cure tennis elbow.

Full locust pose

To begin, target the mid-spine and lay belly down the floor. Turn chin in and face palms down and keep your knees, legs and feet together. Lift arms, chest, head and torso away from floor and take a deep inhale. Set goal to balance the body on abdomen and hold pose and do the 20-80 breathing.

It firms muscles and thighs and increase flexibility and strength.

Bow pose

It helps cure sciatica, rheumatism, nerve pain, and gout in legs. It also slims thighs, strengthens abdomen, improves lower spine, ankle joints, knees and hips and flexibility and firm calf muscles.

Fixed firm pose

This posture is equivalent of eight hours of sleep where it cures stretches of lower part of lungs, and indigestions.  It firms the thighs and abdomen and increase the flexibility of hip joints, deltoids, triceps, and latissimus and dorsi muscles.  

Half tortoise pose

This kind of posture can cure the indigestions and stretches of lower part of lungs, brain and increasing blood circulation. It firms abdomen and thighs and increase the flexibility of hips, scapula, triceps, deltoids and latissimus dorsi muscles.

Camel pose

It produces maximum compression of spine that stimulates nervous system. It improves flexibility of the spine and neck wherein it relieves backache. This posture stretches abdomen organs to maximum and cure constipation. It also stretches throat, parathyroid gland and thyroid gland. This is very helpful because it opens rib cage to give more space in lungs and it slims waistlines. Camel poses also provides nerve pain relief.

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