Anxiety & Depression: Symptoms & Treatment

Whether you or someone you love is suffering from anxiety and depression, you have to know that there’s something you can do. But just prepare a dose of patience because treating anxiety and depression usually requires long-term treatment and medication.

This comes with the fact that family members need to stay patient and understanding patients all throughout. Let’s talk about the symptoms of anxiety and depression and possible treatment options.

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Symptoms of Depression

The person lacks focus and concentration

It is evident that a patient with depression also finds difficulty in brain focus, comprehending reading materials, doing body movements, and even speaking words. When you interact with a patient under this disorder, you will observe that his attention is not yours, but of other objects or mere thoughts.

The person manifests personal changes

Even a nice person could turn into a totally different individual when depression attacks. Surprisingly, you may just realize that you are living with a person you longer know personally. It would be hard to adjust because you’ve been living with the person for many years. Certainly, you will miss him the way he acts on the previous times.

The person feels guilty

After failures and negative experiences in the previous years, a patient selects to blame himself for his present life. Even if he is not actually responsible for such circumstances, it is hard to make him realize. The patient doesn’t entertain what his loved ones tell him. It is advisable to keep talking with them until they restore their personality and clear mind as well.

The person lacks pleasure

This is applicable to doing the previous activities like in sports and short conversations. With lack of energy, the person appears to ignore the attention given by family and friends around him.

To an extent, the person may attempt suicide

This is a harmful symptom as it already involves life. If a spouse failed to stay beside his partner for a long period of time, there is a high chance that an attempted suicide may happen. No one would want to hear the news about a depressed individual who just ended his life out of hopelessness.


Take anti-anxiety pills

One way to fight stress is to take anti-anxiety supplements. Look for a potent supplement with Ginkgo Biloba extract, because this herbal ingredient helps in improving mental function while warding off stress and depression.

Improve social and mental health

It’s not enough that you focus on improving body health. A person who is suffering from anxiety and depression should also improve their mental health. First off, it is recommended that they eat healthy foods for the brain, follow regular exercises and engage in mentally stimulating activities. They may also take brain support supplement. However, be sure to discuss things with a healthcare provider first for safety.

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