4 Superfoods to Promote Better Body & Brain Health

Do you want to improve your body and brain health? If yes, here’s the trick!

Cut some of your bad habits and start eating healthy! No. It is not all about bananas or apples if this is what you are thinking about. These are exotic, antioxidant-rich fruits. Let us get this clear- exotic does not indicate bad taste. Bet it, all are sure delicious!

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Here are 5 superfoods that promote better body and brain health:


Guavas are a powerhouse of antioxidants to boost immunity and fight anxiety and stress. A cup of round, green guava can give you vitamin C that is 5x as much as what orange contains. Aside from being one of the best metabolism boosters, it also has healing vitamin C that helps boost collagen production. Women who eat vitamin C-rich foods are less likely to have wrinkles (according to American-based study of 4000 women ages forty to seventy-four. Aside from that, guava can also protect you against any foodborne pathogens like Staph and Listeria (according to Bangladesh-based research). Bangladesh microbiologists who conducted guava-related research found out that this fruit contains anti-oxidant properties as much as other popular super-fruits such as broccoli and blueberries.


A research published in Journal of Nutrition have found out that lychee contains heart-healthy polyphenols that is 15% more compared to what grapes contain. These compounds may play a crucial role in preventing degenerative diseases like cancer. Another study from China Sichuan University also found out that this super fruit could keep you away from breast cancer. Lychee fruit is packed with antioxidants and vitamin C and other essential compounds that can be a healthy addition to give you champion energy and vitality.


Papaya is a well-known ingredient used for whitening soaps. However, did you know that papaya can also protect you against life-threatening cancers? It contains beta-cryptoxanthin, which, according to some researches can combat lung cancer. It is also rich with lycopene. Aside from that, papaya allows better healing especially for burn. Partly thanks to enzyme papain. Papain is also good for digestion as it helps on breaking down essential amino acids, making it a great regimen for the body to perform better.

Asian Pears

This super fruit can help lower your cholesterol. One big Asian pear can give you around 40% of recommended daily amount of fiber. The higher the fiber intake, the lesser the possibility you will acquire bad cholesterol. It is also perfect for those who are weight conscious. The more fiber you have, the lower your BMI (Body Mass Index) will be. Of course, this metabolism miracle lowers your waist circumference too! Asian pears have antioxidants that help protect the brain from declining.

Leave bananas, apple, oranges, and grapes at your table and grab some of the above mentioned super foods to support physical and cognitive nutrition.

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