4 Ways to Combat PMS

While it is true that not all women experience premenstrual syndrome or MPS, the bloating and cramping that can attack at a certain period of time affects 85 % of women with at least a single symptom every month. Read on to find out the lifestyle changes that can combat PMS.

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Make a diet change

Oftentimes, experiencing painful PMS can be caused by the foods you eat. For instance, eating salty foods can lead to bloating due to fluid retention, and which can cause sore breasts. However, keep in mind that it is not all only about limiting what you eat. You should also be aware that there are certain foods that can reduce the symptoms of PMS. You can research foods that can help you fight PMS.

Keep exercising

Are you feeling moody, sore, bloated and fatigue? If so, it is likely that hitting the gym is the last option you are thinking of. However, instead of pushing hard to work, it’s still best to follow your normal routine, though you might want to make changes on the intensity of your workouts. Regular exercise is one of the best ways women can do to fight PMS. And if you will do it now, rest assured that you will be more apt to keep continuing your exercise upon the start of our period, which can aid in relieving PMS pain. You might want to research low-impact exercises that are ideal for workout during your period. Also, find proven ways to fight PMS after the break.

Consider taking PMS vitamins

If you are searching for a natural remedy to combat PMS, than taking supplements is one good way to go. Some of the supplements that have been proven effective when it comes to relieving the symptoms of PMS include calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and iron. Also, you might want to try Chasteberry. Chasteberry has been proven to reduce the symptoms of PMS. However, just like when taking other supplements out there, it’s wise to talk to your doctor before you take any PMS supplement for your safety.

Feed your salty or sweet tooth

Well, it can really be tough to fight that craving you feel the entire week especially when you are feeling law. Preventing yourself from giving in your cravings can cause a chocolate binge in the future. Rather, you can choose healthier options over fried and fatty foods. For instance, you can consume a few squares of chocolate instead of going for a large piece of choco cake. Or stay away from potato chips and go for healthy salty snacks.

While it is true that there is no real cure to PMS, there are several ways a woman can do to fight the dreaded symptoms of PMS. By following the tips above, you don’t have to suffer from the symptoms for a long period of time.

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