5 Super Foods that act as Nootropics

We all know that nootropics are supplements, drugs or some other substances that will improve our cognitive function like functions, creativity, memory or motivation. However, there are as well foods that act as nootropics. These super foods have the ability to help us improve focus, mental energy, memory and intelligence the same with how nootropics do.

You might not believe it but almost everything that we eat is considered as a form of brain food. However, these 5 nootropics top the list:

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Eggs are considered as the original brain food. They are staple foods all over the world. Aside from being renewable and easy to prepare, eggs are nutritious. They are the primary source of compound choline. This is the most valued brain food as it regulates blood homocysteine and maintains the integrity of the cell membranes too. It is as well the direct precursor to acetylcholine. Indeed, eggs help improve focus and concentration.


There are indeed wide numbers of health benefits to a diet that is rich in seafood. Fish is known as brain food because of the high omega-3 fatty acid content. These omegas are popularly known to have the ability to maintain the integrity and permeability of the cell walls. These healthy cells have the ability to transport nutrients for healthy brain function. When fresh fish isn’t available, then it would be better to take concentrated omega-3 supplement every day. Consult your doctor first when trying any brain supplement, though.


Nuts are considered as the perfect brain snack since they are a great source of protein and good fats. They deliver amino acids and also B-complex vitamins to the brain wherein. Also, they help regulate the glandular function. In addition, these compounds also perform potent anxiolytic as well as anti-depressive action that stimulate the release of the balanced levels of dopamine and serotonin enhancing one’s mood. Meaning, it can be an anti-stress superfood.

Beef Liver

Beef liver was once a staple food which routinely made its way to dinner menus. However, it is now referred as either antiquated or reserved for the expensive fancy fare of a restaurant. Indeed, beef liver is definitely loaded with important neural essentials such as GABA and choline. It is great for making a cognitive boost along with clear

Green Vegetables

Green veggies are among the best super foods to improve brain function. They are not just packed with vitamin E, but they are also rich in folic acid that improve function of the brain. Once this homocysteine is too high, then the nerve cells could die in the brain or could be damaged through reducing the capability of learning.

These are just among the best super foods that you should consider once aiming to reap the benefits of nootropics for improved brain function. You may also try other natural herbal nootropics like Ashwagandha and Chaga mushroom.

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