5 Ways to Improve Your Concentration & Productivity

Regardless of how productive you are, there are opportunities being given to help increase the level of your output. Some are very result-oriented people. They are very obsessive regarding increasing their productivity. They always experiment different systems and different methods to increase their output. You can keep ones that work and put the ones aside that don’t work. Eventually, what you have with you are the best methods to help you work the fastest and at the same time, produce the best quality.

If you’re one of those who find it hard to improve your productivity, below are 10 simple yet effective ways you can use to beat the day.

Wise Living Key Points

Before the night ends, plan your activities for the coming day

This is one of the basic but important step to increase your concentration and productivity. Before going to sleep, spend at least five minutes to plan the following day. List all the things you like to accomplish. Order them according to priority. Assign a rough timing. By doing so, you can be able to get right down to action as soon as you wake up the following day.

Use a to-do-list

A to-do-list has many purposes. It enables you to:

  • Capture all the streaming tasks
  • Gives immediate clearness on everything you need to do as well as pace yourself accordingly
  • Not run the trouble of forgetting something you need to do

Firefighting activities should come in endlessly. Therefore, hold over them unless they are important and urgent. This way, you can give added attention on your task just around the corner instead of being diverted by other incoming things.

Remove time wasters or take away your distractions

Whatever you do, distractions occur all around us. These include radio, television, Twitter, Facebook, MSN, your phone and more. Eliminate all of them before getting to work or doing your plan. I used to do my task and listen to radio at the same time then realized that I did not get everything concrete done throughout the period. Aside from that, it is a fact that it takes my concentration away from doing my work on time. Some can focus doing their work while listening to radio but didn’t work for others. Just learn some cool anti-stress tips, too.

Live on your schedule

One of the living factors to live on the schedule is to wake up early in the morning. Part of every professional’s success is to be an early riser. It is quite easy. You only need to start your day without any distractions at all. This will help you to concentrate on your main priorities. Throughout the day, there’s time to work and there’s time to rest. Create strict boundaries to help you stay productive.

Drink herbal tea

Herbal teas like Ashwagandha are a potent way to improve mental functions like memory and concentration. It is a nootropic herb that improves the functions of the neurotransmitters in the brain. It can also be an effective regimen to lose weight.

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