Vitamin Water Facts and Myth

You have probably heard so much about the healthiest foods on Earth. How about water? How much do you know about it? We all know that water is very essential, but what you may not know is the falsity of lots of claims with regards to water, and several common myths that you may not be wary about.

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Bottled water has more minerals

Unless you live in a 3rd world country or one with currently water quality problems, the water that you are buying in shops may, as a matter of fact, have lesser minerals as compared to the ordinary tap water. They are flouring in tap water in order to help in strengthening teeth, which are also not present in many bottled waters. The use of vitamin water is a great help for the protection of the environment as the energy and resources involved in the delivery and production of bottled water is very high that it is actually counterproductive. In accordance to several sources, it will actually take 1.85 gallons of water in order to manufacture one bottle of commercial water.

Being thirsty boils down to dehydration

Even though lots of problems, which you will be encountering through thirst are because of the fact that your body is experiencing dehydration, there may be other reasons for a feeling of excessive thirst. For instance, eating a quite heavy meal may actually raise the levels of your thirst, more particularly when you are feasting on a specifically dry meal. Another reason is that it is more detrimental is that it could lead to diabetes.

Drinking water at night to increase metabolism

Unfortunately, this is not true. The thing that is more likely to happen to you is a troubled night, as well as a full bladder. Several people are actually drinking lots of water before going to bed to be able to get up earlier in the morning because of the necessity to relieve their bladder.

Drinking water will flush the toxins from your body

Even though water is not necessarily neutralizing the toxins, the kidneys are using water in removing certain waste products. If you would not drink necessary amount of water, your kidneys will not have the amount of fluid that they need to be able to do their job appropriately. In essence, the body is going to hold in toxins rather than expel them.

Drinking water helps you burn calories

Drinking water will not particularly trigger you to lose weight, but it can help you in the process. Water essential replaces the other beverages that are laden with calories in your diet, which will cause you to reduce your total number of calories. Furthermore, it will be able to make you feel much fuller, so you will be able to eat less in every meal. Simply put, it could also help you in your diets & weight loss journey.

Drinking water helps in keeping your skin moist

It is believed that keeping your body hydrated will lead to the vibrant and youthful skin. Simply put, the amount of water that you are drinking may improve the looks of your skin. The moisture level of your skin is not identified by internal factors, though.

If you want an additional boost of vitamin E, vitamin water is the best drink for you. It can be your partner whether you need help for guaranteed weight loss or you yearn for a much healthier life.

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