Ashwagandha: The Incredible Anti-Tumor and Nervous System Cognition Promoting Effect

While it is true that Ashwagandha is deemed as a great solution to burn belly fats, its health benefits goes way more than just that. it also possess powerful impact as an anti-tumor agent and a nervous system cognition booster. read on to develop a better understanding about the incredible anti-tumor and nervous system cognition promoting effect of Ashwagandha.

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Study on The Anti-tumor effect of Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha has been studied on Chinese hamster ovary cells and significant findings have been revealed. This time, the research was not focused on Ashwagandha for fast weight loss, but on its anti-tumor effects. It has been found out that Ashwagandha has remarkable inhibitory effects of about forty nine percent when it comes to its efficiency in building CHO or Chinese hamster ovary cells. Thanks to the Withania roots, which cause the inhibition of cell growth and lead to the prevention of cell attachment. Having said that, it induced significant growth of CHO cells, which was depending on the duration and density of its exposure to Ashwagandha. This finding will surely help oncologists who are aiming to use this plant as a great solution to radiation therapy. See? Who would say that Ashwagandha is just taken to burn belly fats? Soon enough, it will be a potent synergizer for conventional chemotherapy.

Other studies

This super plant was also found to be a potent agent when it comes to experimental carcinogenesis particularly in Ashwagandha crude form. It one study, it has led to the prevention of urethane-induced adenomas among mice. In fact, even the other impacts of urethane such as leucopenia has been prevented.  Urethane, just in case you are not aware, is a strong chemical stressor, that causes variety of side effects, and these were prevented by the sheer power of Withania. It can be used as a powerful adjunct to cancer chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy. Aside from its strong anti-cancer effect, it also reduces the negative effects of anticancer agents, hence improves immunity and improves quality of life. Dieting books also support the fact that Ashwagandha also serves as an immunomodulator and therefore can boost life span among cancer patients.

The studies and research on Ashwagandha activities in terms of inhibition and reduction of cancer growth have shown strong evidence that this potent herb may prove to be really effective in treating tumor type diseases such as cancer. It also enhances (WBC) white blood cell count as well as its function, which are actually depleted during the chemotherapeutic treatment among cancer patients. Plus, Ashwagandha when it comes to the treatment of fibroid tumors in uterus indicated significant reduction of uterine bleeding risks and elimination of fibroids after long-term treatment.

Central Nervous System Cognition Promoting Effect Of Ashwagandha

Aside from an effective agent that aids in cancer treatment and diets & weight loss, Withania is also a remarkable Ayurvedic Rasayana. Thanks to its brain and mental boosting capacity. Simply put, Ashwagandha is also used in order to promote intellect as well as memory. The cognition-promoting impact is best observed among children who have memory deficits.

One tip- when taking Ashwagandha or other dietary supplements, be sure to consult your primary health care provider first.

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