Body & Brain Health for Kids: Picky-Eater Toddlers

Tired of dinnertime dramas with your cute and charming toddler? Mealtime tends to be the worst nightmare for parents specifically if their kids are fussy eater. Patience, patience, patience and a long patience is what you need to do.  And before giving up, try to compose yourself. Inhale, exhale. Freed those worries. You’re on your way to overcome these struggles.

Wise Living Key Points

Set your mindset

During the years of intense juggling on what you should cook and serve and what you shouldn’t, you must stay calm. As long as you did everything you have, you cooked the right set of foods for the brain and body and you care if your kids are eating on the right time and what they are eating, then that’s it. Don’t pressure yourself too much.

That way, your dinner will be filled no more with worrying and cajoling. At least, try to plan meals where the whole family. Make sure that you’ll include something which he’ll surely love to eat- though sometimes that would mean eating pasta only while ignoring the rest. Other than that, your aim here is to make your family table a place of happiness.

Ask help from your partner

Let’s face it. As a mother, you need to spend at least two hours to prepare satisfying, healthy and appealing foods to suit their unique taste, while providing cognitive nutrition. Your meticulous toddler, who always crawls to you when you are in the kitchen while sobbing, will end up looking at his own plate emphatically. He’ll scream “I don’t want that” and sob again. Do you think you still have the perfect headspace to feed him?

Most likely, no. Go get your husband. Let him sit next to your child and follow lovingly what your son likes. Let him drive the whole eating session peacefully until you all finish your dinner. Whether you like it or not, men can do this ‘magic’.

Be creative

If your kids hate veggies, then it needs a bit of your creativity. You don’t have to sacrifice nutrition for their body and brain health when preparing foods that suit their taste. Be a bit creative on preparing veggies, make some cool tops and decorations and add a bit of meat.

Don’t lose hope

Although it can happen slowly, you’ll see some signs that the food horizon of your son will eventually expand over time. As of the moment, you may not bother placing anything in his plate which he hates the most. You don’t want to see his accusing eyes while showing you the foods you cooked, do you? Despite of this fact, never ever lose your hopes. All you effort right now will not be wasted just because he doesn’t want to eat yummy salads or pork steaks. Little by little, he will get over this stage. And all your struggle will go away. You’ll survive it!

Help your kids achieve a strong body and sharp mind in every meal time!

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