Buying Withania Somnifera: What You Need to Know

Planning to use Withania Somnifera or Ashwagandha for health & weight loss? Well, Ashwagandha is commonly purchased as a tablet or bulk powder. The good thing about buying it in bulk is that it can be cheaper on a per usage basis and it enables you to take the herbs in the most classic way.

Indeed, tablets are claimed by many to be a more convenient and much quicker method of taking the super, plus without having to actually taste the herb. A lot of Ayurvedic practitioners believe that their clients prefer to consume the herbs for diets & weight loss in their tablet form. But whatever form of Ashwagandha you are planning to buy and use, be sure that you seriously discuss things with your healthcare provider first.

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The benefits of Withania Somnifera

Some of the benefits of Ashwagandha include mental clarity, burn belly fats, stress ease, tranquil mind, men’s support, sleep soundly, joint support, healthy vata, women’s natural transition, healthy bones, beauty balm, joint balm, vata massage oil and the list goes on.

Buying Ashwagandha

When Ashwagandha supplier, there are a lot of questions to look into when it comes to the quality of the herbs, the effect on the environment and even the reputation of the company.

Can the supplier trace the Ashwagandha supplement back to the field where they were actually grown in?

Well, the traceability of Ashwagandha supplements from the field to shelf enables the supplier to actually know where and how these super herbs were exactly grown and when they have been harvested. This is something you need to ponder on when you’re buying Ashwagandha supplements in the marketplace.

Are the Ashwagandha plants well harvested?

Ashwagandha is a straight, tall plant with purple or green flowers and reddish fruit. Just in case you are not aware, the super herbs are abundant in many places in India. Having said that, herbal companies actually have a choice when it comes to the gathering of Ashwagandha. Just like with other herb, Ashwagandha can be sustainably harvested from private farms, or they could be wild-harvested from natural habitats. To ensure its sustainability, make sure that you only buy Ashwagandha which are cultivated on well-sustained farms.

Are the herbs organic?

When buying Ashwagandha for the purpose of stress ease or guaranteed weight loss, be sure that the herbs are organic. When a supplier sources from privately owned farms, it can ensure that organic farming methods have been followed. Conversely, you can rest assured that your Ashwagandha herbs have not been dealt with any pesticides or any other harmful chemicals.

If you think that buying Ashwagandha plant itself isn’t for you, then you may still get its benefits by trying dietary supplements. But then again, be sure that it comes from trusted sources in order to avoid health mishaps.

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