Pregnant? See which super foods to eat

A baby starts forming its major organs during the first few weeks of pregnancy. This is perhaps the main reason why it is very important for pregnant women to make a good nutrition plan full for pregnant that will start prior to getting pregnant. A history of good eating habits right before getting pregnant will definitely translate to knowing the right foods to eat when pregnant. This will definitely result to good nutrition during pregnancy.

What other important nutrients do you need right in your pregnancy diet? When choosing good foods for pregnant women, always makes sure that you are getting the most important pregnancy nutrients such as:

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Make sure to double your intake of iron when you are pregnant as you need 30 mg per day. Your doctor may recommend you to take an iron supplement to get your required iron. The iron sources include poultry, red meat, fish, iron-fortified cereals, and whole grain breads. You may also be required to take natural supplements but be sure to consult your doctor first.

Folic Acid

Included in the good foods for pregnant women are super foods that are great sources of folic acid. Pregnant women need at least 400 micrograms of folic acid to prevent any birth defect. Folic acid is a vitamin B responsible for preventing defects in baby’s brain and spine. Some of the good sources of folic acid are orange juice, legumes, spinach, and breakfast cereals. In addition to that, pregnant women also need extra iron mainly because of the increased amount of blood right in the body. Moreover, it is also needed in order to supply the needs of the baby. Also, check out some foods to improve metabolism during pregnancy.


Among the most important foods to eat when pregnant include cheese, low-fat milk, yogurt, and other sources that are rich in calcium. Pregnant women really need about 1,000 mg of calcium every day. Getting enough calcium is very important for the proper development of baby’s teeth and bones.

According to experts and dieting books, pregnant women should eat at least one food that is rich in Vitamin A and one food that is rich in Vitamin C every day. Proteins make up the 3rd level of the pyramid, which in the first place is important for healthy development of cell wall.

Knowing the healthiest foods for pregnant women can go along the way in ensuring that you and your baby stay healthy all throughout pregnancy. In addition to that, it is also the best way to prevent the possible congenital problems for your baby.

Learning the right foods to eat along with good vitamins for pregnant women is one great way to ensure a healthy baby. As a pregnant woman, you must know the foods that you should it. As much as possible, you should consult a health professional to be guided accordingly. In doing so, you can be sure that what you are eating is the best for you and your baby. With all these things in mind, you and your baby will become healthy all throughout your pregnancy.

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