Rem Sleep Disorder, Risks & Management

During the stage of REM sleep, a person’s body is being paralysed but the brain is working actively. The brain is usually under the processing and sorting of all experiences that are gathered the whole day with this stage of sleep. During sleep REM, people are usually dreaming. At some reason, those people who are suffering from REM disorder are not being paralysed causing them to act out their dreams as if it is real.  They may walk, run, talk, and pick objects and many more activities that their dreams are requiring them to do so.  

There are some scientists that are still in the process of studying the causes of REM sleep disorder.  In fifty percent of this case, the problem is said to be the withdrawal from the alcohol of the sedative drugs. However, there are cases too and the causes are still unknown even if some studies are showing that it is usually affecting people in the older age. They often develop a disease after the REM sleep disorder onset. This disease is known as the Parkinson’s disease. It is a disease of the nervous system that is marked by Tremor, the muscular rigidity and very slow movement that affects body and brain health.

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Rem Management

Some people Random Eye Movement sleep disorder as a scary kind of sleeping disorder. For others, these things are very unusual. But the question is, is this treatable? Or can this be avoided? The answer is yes because there are experts saying that this condition can be successfully managed through medication. Usually, people try to take stay awake pills, so they don’t want to experience it. Before taking the medicine, it is very important to take action first of consulting your healthcare provider.


  • Maintain a standard time in going to bed.
  • Treat your other sleeping disorders.
  • Avoid unreliable medications and drinking alcohol.
  • Remove objects on the bedside and moving away the bed from the window.
  • Learn to fight anxiety and stress.

You should not get scared if you are currently in this kind of situation. Instead, look for different ways on how you are going to treat the condition. Don’t take things negatively believe that as long as you are living, ways are always there to treat or avoid this kind of sleeping disorder. Don’t hesitate to take medications prescribed by your health doctor since they know what better things to avoid this will be given to you.

As a conclusion, REM disorder can be caused by different factors. There are still some factors that are unidentified yet, other certain factors can be avoided as soon as the sleep disorder happened.  REM sleeps is not really that harmful to someone (people who are in their middle- aged and elderly stage) but if triggering sleep disorders are not avoided, they may get worse. If you do not want to experience the sleeping disorder caused by REM sleep, then make sure you will avoid things that will make it worst.

Above all, keeping the body and brain health in tip top shape is advisable.

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