The 80/20 Rule in Diets and Weight Loss

Did you know that proper food intake has 80% contribution in your diets? That’s right! In this post, let’s take a closer look at the 80/20 rule in diets & weight loss.

Even if you are not regularly having crunches, as long as you eat the right food suited for your body, you can maintain the body you want to attain. There are some people nowadays that invest in some soup machines wherein they can do soup instantly and create juices using such machine. Some says soup can help you absorb all the nutrients easily. You can also blend and create juice using those soup machines and because it helps to directly absorb the nutrients and minerals inside our bodies, it also helps burn belly fats by helping in digestion.

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What does 80/20 nutrition mean?

Just in case you are not aware, the 80/20 diet means 80% healthy foods and 20 % cheat meals. Dieting books recommend that in 80/20 nutrition, you must learn to balance the foods you eat from the food pyramid. It does not mean you have to skip foods, though. It means you need to learn to manage and balance lean proteins such as fish & chicken, unprocessed whole grains, low-fat dairy products & fresh fruits & vegetables 80% of the time. There are so many variety of recipes that can be used for 80/20 diet.

What are the different healthy ways of cooking? You can steam, poach, grill or braise instead of frying. You can use vegetable oil or canola for frying. Remember to eat slowly and stop when your body feels full. Eating slower will also avoid indigestion.

Here are some tips to maximize the 80-20 diet rule:

  • Be familiar of your “80%”.
  • Cutting Down on Alcoholic Drinks
  • Cutting out ‘white bread’ (anything with refined flour).
  • Cutting out potatoes – apart from jackets (or new)
  • Cutting out bad fats (solid fats).
  • Cutting out caffeine.
  • Cutting out refined carbohydrates.
  • Cutting out frizzy drinks.

Always remember that in 80/20 diets, you can make variations for fast weight loss. Say for instance, if you are an athlete, you can spend time 80% combinations of rigid exercise or simple exercise with a focus of eating clean or eating healthy foods and 20% rewards for hard work so by this time you can eat now your favourite burger or treat yourself.

If you know you have eaten so many fats and so many carbohydrates on Monday, you can start eating more fruits or proteins by Tuesday and alternate your foods like fish on Monday, meat On Tuesday and Vegetables on Wednesday. Do it until Friday and cheating time every Saturday and Sundays; meaning, you can take more foods or taste your favourite burger from the restaurant. You can also add more waters if you know you have eaten more sugar or salty foods to balance the acidity and calories. Instead of 8 glasses, you can make it 12 glasses per day or 4 glasses meals for guaranteed weight loss result.

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