Super easy Yoga Exercises as Anti-Stress Remedies

Is your mental concentration waning down due to stress and anxiety? Don’t wait it to ruin the quality of your life. Fight stress with yoga. Well, are you ever aware that there are some yoga tricks you can do to fight stress? That’s right! Here are some anti-stress yoga techniques you can conveniently do at home or office.

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First, close your eyes with peace of mind. Make sure that you are absorbed with the situation and divert other thoughts. Next, draw your chin down near to your chest. Start with circular motion with your neck. For effective anti-stress result, do it gently a while you are moving the right ear to your right shoulder. Take your head backwards and do the same to the left ear and   left shoulder. Loosen your shoulders and keep relaxed while doing the cycle. Do it in a circular motion for three to five times and do the same time to other direction.

Cow stretch

Ground both feet on the floor while placing your left and right hand to your knees. While inhibiting this posture, have your back stretch backward while you are looking in the sky and then inhale. After stretching your back to backward position, reverse it heading forward while you exhale. Do the cycle for three to five breaths

Forward bend while seated

Have your cha pushed way firm the desk. Sit by following the 90-90-90 posture. Place both of your arms to the lower a back and maintain the straight position of your back. After you have your fingers interlocked behind the back, bend forward from your waists while you are seated. While making this yoga technique a habit, it is also advisable to take dietary supplement to fight stress. One recommended product is ADDERPLEX. It contains Ginkgo Biloba that helps fight stress as well as serious mental issues. That’s right. Patients consider it as an essential ADHD treatment.

Eagle arms

This is one of the most innovative yoga exercises for muscle pains due to desk haunch. For the posture, you need to have your arms stretched along your body and parallel to the ground. Point your palm to the ceiling. Cross the right arm over the other one while putting together both palms and the shoulders slightly hugs down your back.  Do the exercise to both of your arm.

Spinal twist

In this yoga procedure, you need a chair. Sit on it sideways while both your feet are planted flat to the ground.   Hold the back of the chair using both hands while your waist is twisted   to one side. You can start twisting on any sides. Do it to both sides for one or a couple of minutes.

Temple Rub

Temple rub is an essential stress-combatting technique for added attention and improved focus. Place both elbows on the desk and put both hands on your temple. Slowly rub the temples in rotating motion. Repeat the cycle for ten to fifteen long breaths.

Try these simple yoga techniques at home or office and see how it can alleviate you from the debilitating effects of stress.

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