Top 5 Reasons why Women gain belly Fats

Nowadays, many women are very conscious about their physical appearance especially regarding their weights. They are always after their body structure as they are afraid of gaining so much weight. That’s why many of them are searching of different ways on how to lose weight. Some are fond of enrolling to a gym session, while others are having a daily routine in certain activities just to burn belly fats. In addition, others are buying some dietary supplements to lose weight easily.  But why other women are gaining so much weight?

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If you are wondering why you are gaining weight, the following reasons can help you answer your question about diets & weight:


It is one factor of gaining weight, mostly to those women who already have their family. Most likely, they are the ones who are experiencing gain weight. If a woman is stressful in managing her family or work, her body go into crisis mode and there is a tendency that the body will begin to slow down and store fat.


If a woman is experiencing depression, it will lead to them to the so-called “emotional eating”. This behavior is a response to depression and it seems that eating is a relief for them. These foods, unluckily, are one of the culprits of weight gain.


Many women are experiencing weight gain during pregnancy.  It is because their normal food intake is doubled due the baby inside their tummy. During pregnancy, women are advised to gain weight. Pregnant should be cautious in eating; it is important to take in the healthiest foods during pregnancy.  

Illness and Diseases

Medical problems may also lead to weight gain. It is similar to women having ovarian cyst who can gain weight up to 30 pounds. Weight gain is also highly possible to those who have problems in kidneys, liver, heart and also women who undergo breast cancer treatment.


Nowadays, women misunderstand the concept of diet. Most of them thought that fast weight loss is achieved by not eating enough food. That’s a mistake.

How To Lose Weight?

Look for a specialized weight program for women. Say for instance, you can consider Venus factor. It is the first and only weight loss plan that is created and designed to dramatically increase the metabolism of women and help to bring out the sexy goddess and the curve that you dream of. This plan helps you to lose fat naturally without avoiding the food you crave for. This is the plan you need without torturing yourself in doing some hefty sacrifices. Most importantly, it is a plan to experience fat loss process and at the same time, experience fun along the way.

Overall, there are different reasons why women gain weight. Hence, it is imperative for them to gain a deeper understanding of the weight gain culprits to know what would work and what won’t. If you’re among the women out there who are experiencing weight gain, then use your weight loss motivation and follow the tips given above to trim down those fats.

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