Top 5 Common Diet and Workout Myths

Hey buddy, have you been working out on a diet for a couple of months and there’s no change at all? If so, beware because it’s easy to fall into the trap. Some foods, which are thought to be workout booster, are just misconceptions. With that, be guided with the details below as this page debunk to you top 5 common workout diet myths.

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Coconut oil is effective

According to some people, coconut oil is an excellent food for athletes. Although they maybe a little bit right, the truth here is that you have to take it before the workout and not after. Bear in mind that it has high content of fats that could provide you champion material energy for your workout session. However, the fats would do anything good in order to make the body recover after your workout. The best thing here is to replenish glycogen supply with healthy carbs and at the same time help in muscle recovery with the help of protein from lean foods

Full-fat eggs work best

Granted, eggs are a healthy food, but if you go for the whole egg, make sure to eat only one egg, as it contains 6-gram fat. It is right that one egg with two whites is a great source of protein and recommended for workout, but eating more than one whole can only make your workout less effective. And oops, egg is also a good food for the brain.

Nut butter is great for workout

After hitting the gym, it’s a good idea to try a teaspoon of nut butter, but experts suggest not to go for few tablespoons. After your workout, your blood will go to the stomach, so heavy fats such as nut butter will be hardly digested. As such, your body needs carbs and lean protein, not instead of few tablespoons of almond butter.

Grapefruit can speed up your metabolism

For sure, you might already be familiar with the grapefruit diet. Some are even indulged to the lemon juice workout diet and other diets that include “secret ingredient” or any magical compound. But do take note that most of these ideas are just myths which could just make your workout end up in vain. You have to know that there is no magic to weight loss. There is no food that will help you burn more calories. The only effective way to boost the rate of your metabolism is to go for regular exercise. Regular exercise is best to benefit both body and brain function.

Don’t eat your favorite foods

One might have told you to keep away from your favourite foods to make your workout effective. But that’s just one of the workout myths out there. The most effective way to weight loss is to come up with positive lifestyle changes which, of course, include a healthful eating plan along with healthy physical activity. The bottom line is that diet is not the answer. A healthy lifestyle is the trick instead.

Those foods in your dining table might not work at all. You are having a hard time with your workouts so make sure that your foods won’t hold you back from achieving optimum result. Break off from these types of workout foods and switch to healthy lifestyle- with the right diet, regular exercise, fighting stress and anxiety, and finally a positive outlook in life.

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