What is a Sleep Disorder and how is it Treated?

For many of us, demeaning is a mere mental activity that occurs while our body is at rest. However, people with Rapid Eye Movement or REM sleep disorder acts out of their dreams. Let’s learn more about REM in this post.

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What is REM Sleep Disorder

Maybe you are wondering if you need stay awake pills. First off, Rapid Eye Movement is common in sleeping. REM sleep is one of the five stages in sleeping relevant to many people all over the world.  It is characterised by fast, random eye movement and eye muscle paralysis. The time spent for REM sleep varies depending upon the age.  Twenty five percent of those who experience REM sleep comprises of adult people in the whole world.

Many people suffer from rapid eye movement sleep disorder up to five items. This means that this kind of sleep comes in a cycle. The first rem cycle occurs in the beginning of the sleep and last for a short period of time while the following cycle last a little longer. It is also common that those who experience a light sleep tend to stay awake after a certain cycle. The one that spends an amount of time with REM is said to be the cause of some Psychological Factors. Depression is considered as one of these particular factors considered.

There are some studies that have shown evidences that those people who stay awake are deprived of entering the REM sleep which is faster than those who are not.  Under this stage of sleep, most of the individual’s muscles and nerve are becoming paralysed, causing them to take muscle and nerve tonic. This kind of inactivity may affect an individual’s breathing muscles and this causes snoring and other sleeping disorders. REM is also often known as the paradoxical sleep. It is during this stage of sleep wherein most people are having their vivid dream.

Functions of REM sleep

There are theories saying that REM sleep is essential for consolidation or for the stabilization of spatial and procedural of the brain function, particularly memory. There are also hypothesis saying that this kind of sleep can truly eliminate the abnormal modes of neural network and the cerebral cortex.

Central Nervous System (CNS) Simulation Development

Another theory states that this kind of sleep stage is very vital for developing human brains especially for the infants. It is even said that REM is the sleep which is responsible for stimulation of the neural and it is necessary for developing the mature neural connections. This was already supported and have seen that the hours spent during REM reduces one’s age and how even sleep deprivation during early age may be a cause of problems regarding behaviours, disruption of sleep and decreased mass of the brain. This kind of theory is suggesting that REM may not have any essential role for brain health.

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