Revitalizing Sleep to Perform Better for the Next Day

Revitalizing sleep is a fundamental and very important part of being healthy and feeling great. Unfortunately, it is hard to get enough rest in our non-stop, wired and busy culture. Good thing is that there are many different ways for us to get a good night sleep we desire. By following these proven strategies, you are sure to get a better sleep and beat insomnia.

Your body works to support your brain and at the same time, maintain your physical health. Most children and teens need a good sleep to support their body and brain health.

There could be some damages that may occur during your sleep that can harm you over a period of time.  Furthermore, it can also affect how well you are in learning, thinking, react and get along with other people. However, if you have better sleep, you can avoid this kind of damage. This is because during your sleep, your body will repair itself so that when you wake up, your body is refreshed and renewed already and it will perform better for the day.

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Here are effective ways to have a better sleep.

Write in your journal

If you think about doing some stressful activities, it will just cause your body to release some stress hormones that will result to you becoming alert. However, if you try to write your thoughts, a journal will help you to avoid restlessness once you have your pencils and sheets beside your bed. There are some study showing and suggesting that a journal will allow you to focus most on the positive aspect rather than the negative aspect of your day.

Stick with your bedtime routine

You need to remind your body that it is bedtime already. Therefore, it is time for you to unwind from your day’s stress and chill out. You need set the right time for sleeping then stick to it every night in order to fight anxiety and depression.

Eat foods that promote sleep

Sometimes, foods serve also as medicines since they contain phytochemicals and nutrients that can supplement your body. These foods can help you to have a better sleep during the night. However, which foods can help you relieve your insomnia? Here are the foods that can help you promote your good sleep. It includes the following.

Foods rich in calcium

Calcium can help you increase the melatonin. These are figs, kale, spinach, almonds, low fat yogurt and milk.

Foods that are rich in magnesium

Another nutrient that can help you promote good sleep is magnesium that reduces neural transmissions. Most foods that contain magnesium are sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, cashew, almond, unprocessed wheat bran, brown rice and leafy green vegetables.

Foods that contain L-tryptophan

This brain food has essential amino acid that plays different roles in the brain. It helps to improve your sleep wherein the melatonin and secretin are involved. Common foods that contain tryptophan are nuts, brown rice, cooked cereals, beans and lentils, seafood, eggs, soy products, soy milk, dairy products and milk.

Begin hacking your way to a better sleep!

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