5 Ways to Improve Concentration and Treat ADHD

ADHD, is an abbreviation for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a behavioral-related and neurological discover that causes an individual to experience impulsiveness and lose concentration skill. People with ADHD do not only experience mental decline but they also have difficulty in sitting properly.

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Create a regular routine

People with ADHD need to engage themselves with new activities, but have to be balanced with calming adventures. One way to improve your focus and treat ADHD is to have a regular routine in order to cope with chaos. For example, for your kids, you can come up with this routine- finish his homework, exercise, rest, sleep and start a new day.

Take time to relax

Relaxation is an effective ADHD treatment. Whether you’re a student or an employee, doing a 5 to 10-minute relaxation daily can go a long way to counter the physically demanding and stressful challenges of life. Go outside for walk, take in fresh air, take a deep breath and release those negative energies. One of the most relaxing strategies to combat stress is to do meditation or yoga. Find time for such refreshing and reinvigorating activities and it will surely stimulate your mental skills such as memory and concentration.  

Go for bedtime massage

Did you know that oil is a quintessential vata balancer? Yes, that’s right. Having said that, bedtime massage can provide a relaxing effect for individuals who have ADHD. To get started, soak your hands in warm water, take it out and have a bit of organic oil on your palm. Essential oils such as almond and olive are the best oils for bedtime massage. Rub your hands with the oil and apply it to your skin. Let it soak for a couple of minutes and remove the residue. Experts suggest that doing bedtime massage at least once a week provides an anti-stress effect to individual. Another benefit of bedtime massage is that it helps people who have difficulty in sleeping.

Eat healthy foods

The foods you eat also play a crucial role in your mental health as it could affect hyperactivity. According to numerous studies, patients with ADHD who have slowed down intake of refined foods, sugar and chemical additives have shown significant improvement in their behavior over one month to two. Eating healthy foods among ADHD patients can help them become less disruptive and focused on what they do.

Consider taking brain supplements

One trick to acquire improved focus and added attention and treat ADHD is to take memory-enhancing supplements. There are available dietary supplements formulated with essential ingredients to treat ADHD. For example, ADDERPLEX is a brain-boosting supplement packed with Ginkgo Biloba, which is found effective in improving memory and focus and helping ADHD patients recover faster.

Mental decline is something we can’t ward off in an instant. However, it does not mean that you allow memory loss to take you on for the rest of your lives. Follow the above mentioned tips on improving your focus and memory and spare yourself from the devastating effect of ADHD.

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