7 Signs of Panic Attack that you should know


The manifestation of psychological disorder is sometimes associated with mental disorders and behavioral symptoms. It has a huge impact on almost all aspect of society. One of the most common psychological disorders is called panic attack.

A panic attack is an extreme scene of anxiety that triggers serious physical responses when there are no true causes. The most terrifying part is a freeze assault when losing the control that boils down into worse medical case such as heart attack or even death. It is a basic essential thought that panic attacks are not life threatening but it needs effective medical methods in order to cure this type of psychological disorder.

The causes of panic attack were still unknown but various studies are conducted in order to trace the root of this psychological disease. The recent studies show that the genetics aspect, stress and anxiety are main triggering factors that affect person’s behavior. Here are 7 signs of panic attacks.

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Fast Heartbeat

It is an abnormal function of heartbeat characterized by contraction of cardiac muscle or extra cardiac stimulation within the chest. This kind of symptoms is simply associated with the psychological disorder like panic attack.


Aside from anxiety and depression, excessive sweating can also happen to someone with panic attacks. For instance, a person may encounter bountiful sweating sometimes and not those regularly or in constant time. Extreme sweating may go before, go with, or take after a heightening of other nervousness sensations and side effects, or happen without anyone else.

Trembling or shaking

The trembling sensation may be felt at different parts of body such as arms, legs, hands and feet. The so-called fight-or-flight reaction when the imagined threat environment came to them.

Shortness of breath or suffocating

Most often symptoms of panic attack that are not being able to catch enough air even while appearing breathing normally. The panic attack was considered as strenuous activity when the shortness of breathing occurs.

Feelings of choking

It is a common tension around the throat when it feels anxiety. This is caused by the muscle contraction within the throat area. It usually gives sensation to the person that there is a lump throat. Few studies show that the emotion like fear is one of the main factors of lump throat.

Chest pain or discomfort

The cause of nerve pain on the chest or chest discomfort is usually manifested to hyperventilation. Hyperventilation is breathing too much oxygen within the body system due to rapid muscle contractions and excess air lungs. It adversely affects the blood vessels when the panic attack happens.

Nausea or abdominal distress

It exhibits the monitoring behaviors of a person that suffers panic attack. This clearly indicated that they are more prone into massive physical sensations that may not be noticed properly by others. Vomiting is a rare scenario when nausea caused by panic attack happens.

There are several prescriptions already in treating this kind of psychological panic attack. For instance, the patient may take a doctor-recommended anti-anxiety pill. It is fundamental thought to consult to the proper health personnel in order to give proper dosage and medications.

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