Why we should eat Vegetables for our Body and Brain Health?

Are you a veggie fan? Good news! There are so many benefits in eating fresh vegetables. According to USDA, it has nutrients that only restore & correct our cells. It promotes both body and brain health.

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The Nutrients

Let’s check out what’s in vegetables that make them great for physical and cognitive nutrition.

It is true that we need protein for blood circulations to carry it to our brain and heart. And if you think protein is only found in grow foods, you are mistaken. There are some vegetables that contain proteins such as Spinach 50%, Cauliflower 33%, Mushrooms 31% Zucchini 30%, Peas 29%, Broccoli 27%, lettuce 26%, green Beans 22%, Bell peppers 21%, tomatoes 20%, Cucumber 17 %, Celery 17%, Beets 15%, Corn 13%, Onions 12%, Potatoes 11%, Eggplant 10%, Sweet potatoes 9%, & Carrots 9%. So if you combine all these vegetables in a meals or some high protein contents, you’re definitely eat a complete nutritious food.

Some veggies are rich in carbohydrates and folate for pregnant women. Vitamin B-12 which is most commonly derived from winged beans as well as some vegetables gives us vitamin C which is commonly good for our lungs and skin. Also, some veggies are good in fighting stress, anxiety and depression. Eating vegetable salad daily can help reduce the risk of having stroke, heart attack, cancer & any heart diseases.

Of course let’s not forget about the proteins from beef and other lean meat. And most people in USA are lazy to cook their own food, so they just order in the fast food.  That is why I am encouraging you, to use some organic supplements to replenish some nutrients loss in our body. It is not only a business to get a binary formula and earn, but definitely to help you, guide you and help you make realize this natural remedies for both body and brain health.

The Benefits of Veggies Over Meat

  • It supplies Nutrients & Minerals in which 99% of vitamins were solely comes from plants or vegetables.
  • It provides us champion energy directly coming from the sun and because of their ability to produce their own food by the process of photosynthesis and the chlorophyll they give us.
  • It generates unsaturated oils that are very much needed fat in our body.
  • Easy to digest in which its only 10-45 minutes to process the plant food compared to meat, in which it took a couple of 3 to 5 days for a piece for a flesh food to be digested & absorbed in the body. So eating healthy vegetables helps your digestions & prevents colon cancers as well. The fiber or the so called bulk or roughage, helps you achieve fast weight loss result.

As you can see, there are more benefits of eating veggies. That’s why you should go green now!

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