ADHD Medication: A closer look to its Lifelong Risks & Treatment

Truth be told— ADHD is one of the most devastating disorders to live with when left untreated. Why? It can pose debilitating risks not only in terms of academic aspect but also in social and emotional aspect.

Worse, the ADHD risks may follow an individual until his adulthood thus affecting his family and job performance later on.  One of the struggles among families whose kids have ADHD is whether or not to treat their children with such disorder. That’s why family members need to be aware of the lifelong risks and medication for ADHD.

Wise Living Key Points

Educational Effect

ADHD may also bring profound risks to educational aspects. According to a study, there are about up to 58 percent of kids who failed in school due to untreated ADHD. Another study conducted found out that 46 percent of ADHD kid patients have been suspended. Furthermore, ADHD is linked to traffic facilities. Simply put, driving performance may be significantly affected by impulsiveness and hyperactivity among drivers.

Unwanted self-medication

Unwanted self-medication becomes crucial. Say for instance, an individual may take alcohol, marijuana or even cocaine. These treatments can later heighten the problem instead of alleviating it. Hence, before they discover and experiment with harmful drugs, it’s important to promote ADHD treatment awareness among parents as soon as possible. Not only medication for ADHD for children but ADHD for adults should also be given proper attention.

Social And Emotional Aspect

ADHD may bring serious mishaps to your child when you ignore proper treatment. Have you ever thought the potential impacts of impulsiveness, hyperactivity and inattention over a lifetime? Yes. That’s right. It’s possible and it’s very horrible to think. ADHD can hinder academic and social achievement and could reduce satisfaction and self-esteem. Later in life, this debilitating disorder can also have a devastating implication to sexual behaviors such as STDs and unwanted pregnancies. It may affect their concentration to life and can cause them anxiety depression.


Having a healthy lifestyle is the first mechanism against ADHD. Eat healthy foods and keep yourself hydrated all the time. Have an active and mentally-stipulating routine. Challenge your mind to go beyond just thinking. Try some memory and concentration pills and you could see a difference later. For instance, you can take a doctor recommended brain support supplement like Adderplex.

Also, ADHD patients need to be more sensitive of their bodies, respectful of their needs and are open to keeping their mind and bodies active and healthy.  Practicing anti-stress activities like meditation.

When left untreated, ADHD brings devastating effects to patients on the different walks of life. That’s why parents need to have a more sensitive understanding of risk-benefit analysis and treatment in order to spare their kids from the debilitating effects of ADHD.

One caveat: when planning to buy an ADHD supplement, be sure to check with your healthcare provider first.

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AdderPlex™ with KSM66® Supports Concentration, Focus, Energy, Memory

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