Myths about ADHD and Misconceptions about ADHD Treatment

People who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD find it life more strenuous than those who don’t. While some patients procrastinate on tough tasks, some lose interest and concentration in carrying out challenging tasks. There’s a lot of hearsays about this kind of disorder, but not everything tells the whole story. More and more studies aim to dispel different ADHD myths as discussed below.

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ADHD is all in someone’s head

People think that ADHD is ‘all in your hand’. Well, that’s just a misconception. The truth is that ADHD is in your brain. That’s right. According to studies, certain regions in the brain don’t properly synchronize among individuals who have ADHD. Not only that, the overall architecture of their brain is also different than those who don’t. Unluckily, some patients tend to ignore risk-benefit analysis and ADHD treatment because they believe that it is something that their child use as an excuse in order to not to finish their tasks.

ADHD is only for kids

Yes, ADHD is a common disorder among kids and teens. However, it does not mean that adults are not included in the anti-ADHD campaign. In fact, plenty of older people have ADHD, too. Someone may likely be diagnosed as a kid, but many adult people are diagnosed at age 30 and above. Some adults unluckily believe that taking substance can help fight ADHD- which is a mistake. It could just aggravate everything.

ADHD can be treated with some sort of old-fashioned discipline

If you believe that ADHD is caused by poor parenting, then you’re mistaken. Yes, discipline may be the treatment to those who have the capability to focus on things but refuses to; but it is not actually the answer to ADHD. So if you are among those who don’t have a full understanding of ADHD, then you could make the situation get worse. Some treatments that are found effective in treating ADHD is eating healthy and having an active lifestyle. Also, taking dietary supplements with Ginkgo Biloba extract such as ADDERPLEX is claimed to curb the effect of ADHD. This dietary element can bring improvement on mental aspects such as improved focus, enhanced memory and added attention.

You’re lazy and dumb if you have ADHD

How do you define laziness? Well, it’s implied when someone who has capability to finish something, but refuses to because he doesn’t want to exert an effort. But ADHD patients are not necessarily lazy. In fact, they are sometimes the opposite. People with ADHD tend to put more effort into finishing something than those who don’t. Also, diagnosis does not have any implication to intellectual ability. It’s just due to some factors such as stress and depression. Hence, following anti-stress measures can be of great help.

Only boys can have ADHD

Boys generally tend to be more hyperactive compared to girls. According to a reputed survey, 82 % of teachers have a perception that ADHD risks are more prevalent among boys than girls. The truth is that both girls and boys are can be diagnosed with this disorder, though the likelihood is higher among girls.

It’s high time to clear your misconceptions about ADHD. What you know about it might only be a mere myth and has no basis at all. Ultimately, the key to treating ADHD is to promoting awareness about the whole raw truth behind ADHD.

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