Which bad Behaviors Affect our Alertness, Concentration, and Health

What usually comes into your mind when you hear about mental decline and health risks? Perhaps, that includes stress, taking prohibited drugs and alcohol abuse. Yes, these behaviors provide visible mental and physical health risks. But, did you know that there are mild bad behaviors that can cause similar impact like those mentioned above if continued in the long run? Let’s take a look at different behaviors that affect concentration and our overall health.

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Getting used to unhealthy eating habits and eating junk foods

We already know that eating unhealthy foods or junk foods generally triggers some disease. Yet, majority of us tend to overlook this thing. Perhaps, this is because people don’t know what is included on such foods and what exactly their effect on health are. Fast foods are filled with sugar, spices, trans-fat, and artificial preservative- all are unhealthy ingredients that affect the neurotransmitters in the brain. They hold us back from achieving improved focus and added attention in life.  They can also lead to different diseases such as diabetes and cholesterol-related risks.

Watching Television

There is nothing wrong to sit back and relax in a few minutes. But, again, anything that is too much might pose health risk. Watching television for long hours can put your eyes and even your heart at risk. Watching TV for hours can increase the risk of stroke, heart attack and obesity. How does this become possible? Well, the levels of sugar and fat intake are simply stock in your blood because of immobility, which results on the abovementioned diseases. Plus, watching TV regularly also reduces the level of focus and alertness when doing things.

Not listening to doctor’s recommendation

Unfortunately, some people tend to ignore the advice of their doctors due to several reasons. Hence, this needs change. Say for instance, if your doctor advises you to take a dietary supplement such as ADDERPLEX to deal with stress and improve focus, you should go for it. This pill has Ginkgo Biloba extracts that provide different health benefits. It is also a powerful ADHD treatment.


Smoking is always in the top list of bad habits that can ruin your health. The health risks that go along with smoking tobacco are long revealed, but if it still not convincing, a new study might already encourage you to quit. Aside from cancer, smoking can also trigger heart disease. It also poses a detrimental effect on the mental capability of human.

Sleep deprivation

With lots of office works that need to be done and assignments to be submitted the next day, you surely have burned the midnight oil to do so. This is understandable and acceptable if there is no other option. But if it becomes a routine, it can harm your physical and mental health. Sleep deprivation can cause causes weaker immune system, dropping your tolerance for common bacteria-causing disease in the environment, and can reduce your ability to focus on what you do.

Above all, taking care of our physical health is not enough. We should also focus on other aspect such as on mental health. To spare yourself from mind and health problems, it is important to follow a healthy living, active lifestyle, follow anti-stress tips and consider taking dietary pills.

WiseLifeNaturals physician formulated products give you proven results to achieve your wellness goals, especially when you pair them with our health and fitness tips about improving health and concentration.

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AdderPlex™ with KSM66® Supports Concentration, Focus, Energy, Memory

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