Sneaky Foods where Calories lurk in

Moderation on the calorie intake can be a great idea for those who are trying to burn belly fats. If you want to stay fit and healthy, you must consume lesser amount of calories than how much you burn every day. For all dieters, it’s necessary to stay away from foods containing high calories.

If you are really serious about your goal of achieving realistic weight loss results, here’s a rundown of sneaky foods where calories lurk in:

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The breakfast bowl

Beware of measuring your own serving size. Most people eat double or many times as much food than the typical serving like on cereals which are prepared in the morning.

The veggie dip

Some vegetables dips are high in fats and calories that can simply make them unhealthy for diets & weight loss. To keep problems at bay, you can prepare you own version just by using a fresh salsa or even a yogurt without fat.

The salad

The additional ingredients on salad, namely nuts, dried fruits, cheese, seeds, etc. are almost composed of 500 or more amount of calories. To avoid calories, you can eat salad without having any of these add-ons.

The morning coffee

A coffee containing sugar and cream is approximately equivalent to 100 calories per day if you drink it on a daily basis. To get rid of this amount of calorie, it’s advisable for you to have black coffee or a green tea instead.

The pasta dish

According to dieting books, pasta has too much calorie added whenever it has cheese sauce and cream. As much as possible, avoid including these to your daily diet.

The grilled steak

It is better to use homemade barbeque sauce because you will just take a lot more amount of sugar when you use the commercial ones when preparing a grilled steak.

The stir-fry

There’s more content of calories, salt and sugar than you ever thought when you just buy a processed sauce. It is advisable to have the homemade one instead.

The protein bar

Just read the information label of each chocolate bar that you buy because usually, there are ones filled with a lot amount of sugar.

The fruit flavored yogurt

The sugar mixture in the fruit flavored yogurt can instantly add up to its calorie content, so it’s better for you to add either a nuts of fresh fruits instead to achieve fast weight loss result.


It is better for your sandwich to be loaded with vegetables than having it with cheese, mayonnaise, butter or any types of high calorie carrying agent.

Bottom line

You must pay special attention to the foods listed above and be sure that you are not taking more amounts of calories for the sake of your health. Without extra care on eating those foods, it can easily add up to an extra amount of 300-500 calories each day. So putting serious thought in avoiding these high-calorie foods can go a long way to achieve a guaranteed weight loss result in no time.

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