What’s in every cup of Ashwagandha Tea?

Indian people have always been respected for their very useful herbalism and its benefits. They are champions in using herbs to teas that have vast health features. A very popular Ayurvedic medicinal herb is the Ashwagandha or also called Indian Ginseng and Withania Somnifera. It contains high amount bioactive constituents and well-known powerful antioxidant properties. The constituents, mainly Withanolides, are basically used in burning fats in the body as well as in reducing stress. They also have cell repair properties that prevent consuming heavy metals which can have adverse effect in the health condition of a person. Today, let’s take a closer look at the different health benefits of taking Ashwagandha tea.

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Ashwagandha Tea Health Benefits In Every Cup

Natural weight loss agent

There are a lot of health benefits of Ashwagandha tea, including its power to help burn belly fats. It can effectively aid in weight loss while boosting the body’s HSL (hormone-sensitive lipase). This blocks the accumulation of visceral fats and fatty acid synthesis or FAS. This way, your body can now empty all those stored fats out of the body as well as prevent it from producing any more fat in the liver through lipogenesis process. This herb also prompts the secretion of norepinephrine and epinephrine hormones. Both of these are known to mobilize the fat cells’ stored fatty acids. This way, all these fatty acids are used to fuel the body and keep them off from building up in the belly.

Reduces cholesterol level

Recently, studies and dieting books showed that Ashwagandha tea is more than just an aid in weight loss. It can actually reduce the cholesterol level in the body. This is due to the microbial aging that the tea is known of, which can prompt small amount production of the natural statin, lovastatin. This is usually used in treating high cholesterol levels in its synthetic form. Long term use also potentially lowers the bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol while increases the good or the HDL cholesterol levels in the body. Extensive use results in 100 points drop of the cholesterol levels, although it is necessary to check with a medical expert for consumption guidelines.

Disease prevention

Ashwagandha tea shares a common property with other herbal tea types, having high contents of anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties. This high concentration of these natural phytochemicals are really essential to keep the immune system at its best. These chemicals help in fighting free radical molecules that can cause diseases and different health conditions. With the high level of phytochemicals found in Ashwagandha tea, diseases can be naturally prevented in the body.

Aside from fast weight loss benefits, There are still a lot of Ashwagandha tea health benefits that you should know about, including relieving stress and tension, digestion aid, cleansing agent, and many more. A powerful relaxant, it can also aid in proper rest and sleep at night and thus perfect to steep and drink after dinnertime.  But be sure to check with your medical expert before trying Ashwagandha or any dietary supplement.

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