Ashwagandha to Promote Sharp Mind and Emotional Stability

Recent years have seen psychotherapists turning to the practice of mindfulness meditation to assist in treating a number of psychological problems. These include depression; obsessive-compulsive disorder; substance abuse; anxiety disorders; conflicts in relationships; and eating disorders.

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Ashwagandha and Mindfulness for body and brain health

Ashwagandha is renowned world-wide for promoting good health, endurance and vitality. It has been known in India for over 4,000 years and is respected for its health and wellness benefits. Recent scientific research suggests that ashwagandha promotes better health, well being and greater levels of physical performance. It may help enhance the user’s ability to cope with stressful situations by promoting faster corticosteroid release and rapid return to normal.

Experts now believe that the practice of mindfulness for body and brain health is effective due in part in the way that it helps patients accept the experiences they have, including and especially painful ones, instead of reacting to these experiences with avoidance, aversion and denial. Mindfulness meditation is now increasingly being coupled with psychotherapy treatment regimens, especially in cognitive behavioural therapy. This is a welcome development and makes perfect sense because both cognitive behavioural therapy and meditation share a common goal of giving people a perspective on their self-defeating, maladaptive, and irrational thoughts.

Meditation promotes positive emotions

A lot of studies have shown that mindfulness meditation promotes positive emotions and reduces negative ones. One study has shown that it may equal the effects of natural antidepressants such as ashwagandha, and even prevent relapses. Research has also found that mindfulness also changes the brain, increasing the gray matter density in regions linked to memory, learning, empathy, and regulation of emotion. Mindfulness increases memory capacity and improves attention skills.

Ashwagandha to Promote Sharp Mind and Emotional Stability

Mindfulness reduces pregnancy-related anxiety

Studies have shown that mindfulness is also beneficial for parents and pregnant women, reducing pregnancy-related anxiety, Ashwagandha for stress and anxiety. For children, there is also scientific evidence that mindfulness practice reduces aggression and behavioral problems in students, improving their attention span and promoting happiness. As for the teachers, mindfulness training also helps reduce depression symptoms and negative emotions. Their blood pressure levels are lowered and they showed increased empathy and compassion.

Mindfulness has also helped health care professionals improve the quality of their life, connect better with their patients, and cope with stress and panic attacks. Studies have similarly showed that it reduced their negativity and anxiety, and helped them become more optimistic and compassionate.

Support for veteran soldiers with PTSD

In prisoners, mindfulness has been shown to reduce mood disturbances, hostility, and anger. This is due to the increase in their awareness of their emotions and thoughts made possible by the practice. It definitely helped in their rehabilitation and societal reintegration. In veteran soldiers as well, mindfulness has been shown to reduce Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD) symptoms brought about as an aftermath of wars.

The act of mindfulness allows you to become present in your work and life as well. It will defy you from thinking negative things about yourself or the so-called self-criticism. It is used as a therapeutic technique to become fully aware of the moment and become self-conscious without you worrying about what happened yesterday and fearful about what might happen tomorrow. It will be just you and yourself in a present situation.

Mindfulness is beneficial for everyone in all walks of life, be it young or old. Anyone who has a belief system that everything is possible can enjoy the benefits of mindfulness. The scientific community had found out that meditation correlates with mindfulness, which is both meant to reduce anxiety and depression. 

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