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Weight Loss starts with the Foods We Eat

Do you know where does a successful weight loss journey really start? Well, it starts with the food we eat, believe it or not. You need to choose the right foods that can give you a slimmer waist while leaving you proper nutrition. Diets & weight loss gets tougher than ever but you can start by picking what you eat.

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Here are the best foods you must have in your dining table:


People said that when you eat half a grapefruit a day, you would get to burn calories and lose weight even without changing your diet or eating habits. A compound that is found in this fruit is capable of lowering insulin and this could lead to weight loss. Plus, it is a great source of protein.


Nuts are packed with healthy fats that can really help you slim down and lose weight. Among others, almonds are the most effective in shedding pounds. Thus, people can lose more weight if they included almonds their low calorie diet.

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are one of the few beans that truly deserve to be in the list. While red beans contain fiber and protein, kidney beans are rich in resistant starch. In fact, Kidney beans are one of the healthiest foods for weight loss.

Green Tea

It is great to drink a cup of tea in the morning especially if it is a green tea. Just like water, it can still make you feel full and help you in shedding pounds. In addition, its anti-oxidants can help you improve metabolism thus burning extra fats.


Lentils are a good source of fiber and satiating protein. Even half a cup of this serving can help you have 3.4g of resistant starch. A must-to-include in your diet regimen!

Black beans

Black beans can satisfy our body’s need of protein. Moreover, it does not have saturated fat that can be found on other food that are sources of protein.


This fruit is best known for its benefits when it comes to anti-aging. They might be tiny in size but they are friendly to your figure. Giving yourself a cup of this fruit would only give you 80 calories but would truly make you feel full plus you get to have 4g of fiber. It deserves to be a great aid in your diets and weight loss goal.


Oats are rich in fiber. Serving yourself with oats would help you feel full all throughout the day. Eating it would help you gain a healthy carb that can burn your fat while boosting your metabolism.


You would often see people eating salmon on special occasion. However, some people do not know that this food can provide proper nutrition while helping you achieve a healthy weight loss. It contains proteins that can make you feel full even though you have not added any fat.


Some people might feel afraid of eating avocados. However, there is nothing wrong with it as long as they are good fats. In addition, the fruit is packed with protein and fiber. Thus, you can enjoy eating this fruit while you are melting away your fat.

If you’re done reading those promising diet tips, don’t lose hope yet. Going naturals may be the best choice after all. Try these healthy foods and see the result for yourself.

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10 Healthy Snacks that actually Burn Belly Fats

Getting rid of fats from your body does not only mean doing it through exercise. You can also burn fat through eating healthy snacks. There are actually several snacks that you can consume as your means of burning fat than limiting your food intake, which is not advisable. After all, eating foods packed with nutrients and vitamins that your body needs is still the best way towards healthy living.

Wise Living Key Points


This snack improves metabolism as well as helps in burning lot of calories. Eating this fruit will surely help you to feel full longer and faster. Moreover, it is also rich in fiber, which helps in stabilizing your blood glucose levels. To add grapefruit to your fruit salad or smoothies, can be great!


This contains starch found which turns into fatty acids instantly. Therefore, it lowers obesity through break down fats every after meal. Banana also contains lot of vitamins, and the “gelling fiber” found in this fruit is great for your digestion.


This helps in suppressing appetite and clean toxins from your body. With just four cup of kale, you will receive 10 grams of fiber as well as detoxifying nutrients in order to charge your detoxifying pathways! It’s a great way to achieve fast weight loss.


This helps in burning more than you eat and contains few calories. Celery is proven to have mostly water that is good for balanced diet. You can combine it with other foods for a more indulging experience.

Lean organic meats

You could burn more calories through digesting protein compared with carbohydrates. Turkey and chicken are great sources of a lean healthy protein.

Broccoli Rabe

This stimulates an enzyme, which enables your fat cells to burn fats.


This fruit is indeed a triple-fat burner! Having its monounsaturated fats, it allows plumping up the cell membranes that allow your cells chat with such fat-burning hormones. It also helps boost metabolism through protecting its energy producing cells from the free radical damage.


This snack as low fat content but are high in copper and iron that helps in producing energy. Nuts are containing healthy fat and proven great in reducing cravings. Some other nuts like almonds are great source of protein, helping you to build muscle as well as you’re your metabolism going.


Its active ingredient, catechin and benefits of caffeine is proven effective in speeding up your metabolism for about two hours after you drink a cup of green tea. According to research, dieters who drink green tea tend to lose more weight as compare to dieters who do not.


This contains fiber that does not only helps making you feel full for in-between meals but also help in keeping blood sugar levels spiking. It is also rich in iron, and this help to boost your metabolism.

Such snacks or refreshments are indeed great for burning fats and boosting your metabolism. To include any of the above snacks in your diet plan, you can surely achieve guaranteed weight loss result.

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