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Top 8 Energy Booster Super Foods

There are three groups to consider every time thinking about energy levels. One of them is fast energy which includes sugar. And here’s a good question. Are you aware of those superfoods that can boost our energy? Read on.

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Here is a list of top 8 energy boosting superfoods


Often referred as “nature’s dessert,” fruits are super foods to satisfy your sweet cravings, plus is a good source of nutritious carbohydrates. In addition, fruits are loaded with minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C that prevent infections and will help keep you healthy.


Yogurt is one of the wonder foods that give you energy. Greek yogurt in certain is loaded with protein that boasts with 15 to 20 grams every ounce. Traditional yogurt usually offers 5 grams of protein. Both is great for breakfast, particularly when mixed with granola.

Whole grains

Did you know that carbohydrates are the fuel of the body that breaks down into glucose just to maintain your cells working and improve metabolism? Healthy and nutritious whole grains like whole grain bread and oatmeal take longer to consume and offer you sustained nutrition. On the other hand, processed carbs such as white bread offer a fast energy blast.

Dark Leafy Vegetables

Every time choosing a vegetable, make it a point to choose one that is rich in color, as it denotes it is rich in nutrients. You can choose from Swiss chard, collards, spinach and other leafy vegetables, which supply protein, fiber, and iron.

Fish and Shellfish

Light, delicious and fast cooking, it’s no surprise why the USDA suggests that people must consume two servings of shellfish and fish every week. Seafood such as salmon is low in fat, and is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and lean protein.


Have you ever wonder why your mother always prefer peanut butter sandwich for your go-to lunch? This is because nuts are the great source of nutrients, fiber, and protein. In fact, a tablespoon of a peanut butter a whole wheat bread is a fast, satisfying lunch, which will aid you to push through the afternoon. Nuts are also brain foods that promote better focus and concentration.


Everyone is aware that beans are good for the heart. Beans are a good source of low-fat protein, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium as well as Vitamins B, all of which help in healthy metabolism.


Did you know that popcorn could be an excellent low fat and fill food? Being a whole grain, it is a loaded with fiber in a super easy to eat form. However, you must be cautious about eating that theater popcorn that is heavy on calorie, oil and salt, instead eat air-popped ones.

With this list, for sure you are already aware of what foods gives you energy. Bear this always in mind so that you will be filled with energy at school, work and even at home.

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AdderPlex™ with KSM66® Supports Concentration, Focus, Energy, Memory

5 Super Foods that act as Nootropics

We all know that nootropics are supplements, drugs or some other substances that will improve our cognitive function like functions, creativity, memory or motivation. However, there are as well foods that act as nootropics. These super foods have the ability to help us improve focus, mental energy, memory and intelligence the same with how nootropics do.

You might not believe it but almost everything that we eat is considered as a form of brain food. However, these 5 nootropics top the list:

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Eggs are considered as the original brain food. They are staple foods all over the world. Aside from being renewable and easy to prepare, eggs are nutritious. They are the primary source of compound choline. This is the most valued brain food as it regulates blood homocysteine and maintains the integrity of the cell membranes too. It is as well the direct precursor to acetylcholine. Indeed, eggs help improve focus and concentration.


There are indeed wide numbers of health benefits to a diet that is rich in seafood. Fish is known as brain food because of the high omega-3 fatty acid content. These omegas are popularly known to have the ability to maintain the integrity and permeability of the cell walls. These healthy cells have the ability to transport nutrients for healthy brain function. When fresh fish isn’t available, then it would be better to take concentrated omega-3 supplement every day. Consult your doctor first when trying any brain supplement, though.


Nuts are considered as the perfect brain snack since they are a great source of protein and good fats. They deliver amino acids and also B-complex vitamins to the brain wherein. Also, they help regulate the glandular function. In addition, these compounds also perform potent anxiolytic as well as anti-depressive action that stimulate the release of the balanced levels of dopamine and serotonin enhancing one’s mood. Meaning, it can be an anti-stress superfood.

Beef Liver

Beef liver was once a staple food which routinely made its way to dinner menus. However, it is now referred as either antiquated or reserved for the expensive fancy fare of a restaurant. Indeed, beef liver is definitely loaded with important neural essentials such as GABA and choline. It is great for making a cognitive boost along with clear

Green Vegetables

Green veggies are among the best super foods to improve brain function. They are not just packed with vitamin E, but they are also rich in folic acid that improve function of the brain. Once this homocysteine is too high, then the nerve cells could die in the brain or could be damaged through reducing the capability of learning.

These are just among the best super foods that you should consider once aiming to reap the benefits of nootropics for improved brain function. You may also try other natural herbal nootropics like Ashwagandha and Chaga mushroom.

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AdderPlex™ with KSM66® Supports Concentration, Focus, Energy, Memory

10 Healthy Snacks that actually Burn Belly Fats

Getting rid of fats from your body does not only mean doing it through exercise. You can also burn fat through eating healthy snacks. There are actually several snacks that you can consume as your means of burning fat than limiting your food intake, which is not advisable. After all, eating foods packed with nutrients and vitamins that your body needs is still the best way towards healthy living.

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This snack improves metabolism as well as helps in burning lot of calories. Eating this fruit will surely help you to feel full longer and faster. Moreover, it is also rich in fiber, which helps in stabilizing your blood glucose levels. To add grapefruit to your fruit salad or smoothies, can be great!


This contains starch found which turns into fatty acids instantly. Therefore, it lowers obesity through break down fats every after meal. Banana also contains lot of vitamins, and the “gelling fiber” found in this fruit is great for your digestion.


This helps in suppressing appetite and clean toxins from your body. With just four cup of kale, you will receive 10 grams of fiber as well as detoxifying nutrients in order to charge your detoxifying pathways! It’s a great way to achieve fast weight loss.


This helps in burning more than you eat and contains few calories. Celery is proven to have mostly water that is good for balanced diet. You can combine it with other foods for a more indulging experience.

Lean organic meats

You could burn more calories through digesting protein compared with carbohydrates. Turkey and chicken are great sources of a lean healthy protein.

Broccoli Rabe

This stimulates an enzyme, which enables your fat cells to burn fats.


This fruit is indeed a triple-fat burner! Having its monounsaturated fats, it allows plumping up the cell membranes that allow your cells chat with such fat-burning hormones. It also helps boost metabolism through protecting its energy producing cells from the free radical damage.


This snack as low fat content but are high in copper and iron that helps in producing energy. Nuts are containing healthy fat and proven great in reducing cravings. Some other nuts like almonds are great source of protein, helping you to build muscle as well as you’re your metabolism going.


Its active ingredient, catechin and benefits of caffeine is proven effective in speeding up your metabolism for about two hours after you drink a cup of green tea. According to research, dieters who drink green tea tend to lose more weight as compare to dieters who do not.


This contains fiber that does not only helps making you feel full for in-between meals but also help in keeping blood sugar levels spiking. It is also rich in iron, and this help to boost your metabolism.

Such snacks or refreshments are indeed great for burning fats and boosting your metabolism. To include any of the above snacks in your diet plan, you can surely achieve guaranteed weight loss result.

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Garcinia Cambogia Ultra Slim Extract 180 Capsules

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